Get Started

  1. Submit a proposal request or just send an email to

  2. Someone will contact you within one business day to discuss your plans

  3. When we contact you, the first step will be to get an understanding of your requirements. If you have a requirements document, please send that in an email. The amount of detail regarding the requirements depends on the type of contract that you desire.

    1. If the contract is pay as you go, then we will begin at an agreed up time and we can work on objectives in an iterative process until the project is complete.
    2. If the contract type is milestone based, a more detailed understanding of the requirements is required up-front so that a contract based on milestones can be delivered. This is the more rigid approach; change requests must be documented and then signed-off by both parties. We will provide a schedule and cost estimate for every change request.
    3. A combination of both can also be arranged.

  4. An example of a requirements document for a project can be viewed at Sample Software Requirements Specification (SRS)

  5. There are several methods used to collect requirements, both most methods share the belief as outlined by IEEE standards that a requirement has the following attributes:

    • Correct
    • Unambiguous
    • Complete
    • Consistent
    • Verifiable
    • Modifiable
    • Traceable

  6. Expenses

    • The custom software for your site
    • Web hosting site
    • If selling merchandise and keeping customer lists etc, you’ll probably want to get a database (charges depend on how much data you plan to store and what database and version you want to use
    • Register a unique Domain Name
    • Bandwidth – additional bandwidth depends on how many users start to use the site at one time and how much data is being transferred over the wire.
    • Security – for order processing and credit card processing you will need to use a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate to secure the communications between your site and the client’s site.
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – there are several free steps to take to get search engines to find your site. You can also pay google or other search engine company to make sure your site comes up near the top of the list.

  7. Project Deliverables

    • Requirements documentation
    • Design documentation including UML use-case diagrams, class diagrams, sequence diagrams and entity relationship diagrams if a database is involved
    • Source Code
    • Unit Tests
    • Status reports

If the contract is for building software components as part of a team, then I would require

  1. A VPN or web access to the project’s source code or a PC at the customer site that is setup for remote access
  2. Access to any of the project’s current requirements and design documentation
  3. A copy of any tools that the project requires
  4. A copy of any coding standard the group adheres to If the contract is for building a web site then the following are points for consideration:

If the contract is for building a website, then the following are points for consideration:

  1. What is the purpose of the web site?

    • To generate a bigger customer base by describing the services that you provide.
    • To sell merchandise over the Internet.
    • To provide information to customers
    • Online scheduling of appointments (auto email reminders)
    • etc

  2. What information do you want display?

    • How often does the data change?
    • Do you want to be able to change it from the web site?
    • Who can see the data? Do different people see different things?
    • How much tracking of what a customer does while on the site to you want to keep?

  3. If you’re selling merchandise

    • Do you want to make suggestions on other items of interest? Do you want to allow reviews of customer’s past purchases?
    • Review their current and past orders
    • There is a lot that can be done…. ( is a good site to look at all the features they provide to try to get you to buy more stuff)
    • What payment methods do you want to allow (credit cards, pay pal, etc)

  4. What types of information do want to get and save from your clients?

    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone (work, home, cell)
    • Email address
    • Credit card info
    • Etc, etc